Belize City, Rum Factory, and Old Belize Beach Tour


Tour and enjoy the historical city of Belize where the British settlers and African Slaves set the table for a haven of fishermen, farmers, hunters and loggers.  And, now home to a melting pot of cultures: Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Mennonites, Chinese and East Indians.  Learn the history and the rise of these cultures as you explore the schools, hospitals, historic buildings, monuments, churches and three classes of homes.  Then, stop in at the Travellers Rum Factory for a treat of locally made Belizean rum and products while taking a closer look at the small but intriguing museum and machinery at the factory.  Finally, off to the beach for two to three hours of relaxation and fun in the sun with music and a nice restaurant and bar to fully enjoy your day in Belize City.

  • Vacation Style Family Group
    City Tours
  • Excitement Level Fantastic