Discover Belize

Belize lies on the Caribbean coast of Central America and shares a land border along with Mexico which is just north of the country. With the Caribbean coastline to the east with many islands (Cayes) and the wildlife jungle which is home to Maya Ruins is to the west. Along with Belize’s touristic landmarks the country is well known for its diversity in people, culture, and food. There are more than eight cultures within our country which gives us charm and makes it one of the most unique yet.

Belize is home to the world’s second largest barrier reef which is an amazing site for snorkeling and scuba diving. Our sandy beaches , tropical rain forest and marine/ wild life are only a few of what Belize has to offer!

Belize is enriched with adventure and is just a short trip to paradise.

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Best Season: All Year
Popular Location: Belize, Cayo, Orange Walk